journey to enhance

iabao of the State Council approved Chang鈥檈 Program in early 2004 and has been paying close attention to its progress.

human wisdom and streng

He has ▓made many specific and clear instructions for the Program. At the beginning of preparations for the Program, the

th. As a devel

n Premier Zhu Rongji had made clear instructions, an▓d Li Jinai, member of the Central Military Commission a▓nd then Dir

▓oping country, C

ector of PLA General Equipment Department,▓ wrote an inscription for the Program: 鈥淒evelop lunar exploration and make b

hina conducts definite dee

rilliant achievements in space once again.鈥?▓Liu Jibin, the former Minister of Commission of Science, Technology and Industry for National Defense (COSTIND), gave an instruction to establish a leading group for progr▓am preparations for government approval. Zhang Yunchuan▓, Minister of COSTIND and the Head of Leading Group for China鈥檚 Lunar Orbiter Project, has made great efforts to establishing program management system and streng▓t

limited con

hening technical tackling, technical management and quality control for the

Program. Through close cooperation, various departments responsible for the concrete proj▓ects of the Program such as PLA General Equipment Depart▓ment, Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) and China Aerospac▓e Science and Technology Co

ditions, reflecting

rporation (CASC), have made gr▓eat contributions to Chang鈥檈 Program. China鈥檚 space community will justify the great t

China鈥檚 stro

rust placed in us by our country and people and work hard to make Chang鈥檈-1 Project get a complete success, dedicated

ng national stre

to our homeland and the 50th anniversary of China鈥檚 space industry. BEIJING▓, March 31 (Xinhua) -- China's State Counci

ngth and symboli

l, the cabinet, has said innovation in science and technology will improve the nation's competitiveness in the world s

tage. Scientific and technological innovation could▓ solve major scientific and technical issue

s that con▓cerned the country's overall situation and long-term development, said a statement

released after a regular meet▓ing of the State Council Wednesday. During the meeting, an off

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